HOSTEL VENDING 55 / Ediction September - October

It is my pleasure to contact you once again, as we are launching the 55th edition of HOSTEL VENDING magazine. This new issue will be packed with the latest and most interesting launches for vending machine operators – for instance, in the COFFEE and SNACKS sectors.

The post-holidays season and the blooming of ideas are giving way to a massive launch of new products, machines and services. Most of them will be exhibited in this year's second not-to-be-missed show in Europe.


Paraphrasing the famous quote by Henry IV, Paris is worth a visit. Or even several, which is our case: HOSTEL VENDING will be again in the French event with its own booth and a special print run.

Venditalia exceeded all the expectations in visitors and exhibitors numbers. We felt the Vending industry was somehow reinforced. Vending Paris is set to be the consolidation.

HOSTEL VENDING wants to share the French show with as many companies as possible. Everyone is invited to participate in this issue!


Consumers have made clear that they want (and need) Food products in their vending machines. This is no surprise because, according to the latest report on the Spanish Vending market, Snack&Food is the most buoyant sector in the last five years.

Market experts (including Vending Paris' director) know that ready-meals still have a wide margin for evolution. In this special article, we will review the latest trends, the most innovative ideas and the new foods in the vending menu.


People who use vending machines are fascinated by gadgets and technology. Touchscreens and flat LCD displays have spread and they are grabbing most of the attention.

Digital signage and advertising in Vending is here to stay. The 55th issue of HOSTEL VENDING will feature an analysis of the marketing and multimedia possibilities of this technology. Furthermore, operators will learn how to multiply their benefits, using advertisements as an extra source of incomes.


Already a classic section of the magazine, we will feature a compilation of public tenders offering vending opportunities in Spain and other EU countries.

To end with, I remind you that any information or advertising material should be sent to our Edition department before the 17th of September.

I hope you found this information helpful.

Álvaro de Laguno Gorría



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