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Grupo Fromageries Bel España


With 35 years of rich experience, Bel Foodservice is the Group entity devoted to catering services. Comprising sales and marketing teams, culinary advisors, a communications manager, an innovation unit, and a customer relations department, Bel Foodservice is organized around core food service activities aimed at catering professionals. The Bel Foodservice product range encompasses three complementary lines to meet the demands of food service professionals and the needs of their customers: * Bulk packaging adapted to the demands of contract catering companies * Snack-size portions * Cheeses to be used as ingredients in branded products. Simple and easy to use, these products allow food service professionals to rediscover the great classic dishes and incorporate cheese into every part of the meal PRODUCTS FOR INTERNATIONAL FOOD CHAINS AND THE FOOD SERVICES SECTOR The mission of Bel Foodservice is to offer differentiated, branded dairy products that generate added value for the customer, e.g. Improved organoleptic and functional qualities, convenience and production optimization. Bel Foodservice also develops co-branding partnerships that build on complementa